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Job Opportunities


Digital Producer

Job Title: Instructor (Hiring instructors on a rolling basis to teach at TILT)

Employment: Hourly/Contract 

20.5 Hours per session | 12.5 instructional hours

Reports to:  Education Manager

Dates: Variable (January – March)

Salary: $50-$75/hr


*% of net income begins after 10 people sign up for a class, and is a percentage of all income generated from the course


Tilt Institute’s education department is committed to providing a quality education to artists working in image based mediums / genres. Our curriculum and class offerings have been carefully crafted by MFA educators and self taught professionals, that echo our organization’s  core values. By working collaboratively with artists and educators that have taken different paths in their careers, we were able to create a unique educational experience.

At TILT we are determined to provide diverse lenses through which instructors and students can engage with art. We are looking for instructors who craft syllabi with the intention of making space for artists that are often left out of the canon of art education. Students come to us at varying stages of their artistic careers, and we pride ourselves on offering courses that serve the hobbyist and the professional. 

Our classrooms serve as a space to both deepen and expand our individual practices, gain useful skills, and build community with other like-minded artists. Our current suite of classes includes: Photo I, Photo III, PhotoShop I, Lighting 101, Cultural History Course, Digital Darkroom, Printing, Writing for Artists, and “What to do with all these photos”. We are also open to a pitched class idea that falls in line with the current offerings or for courses in the future.


– An expertise in relevant subjects.

– Listening and observational skills

– Working knowledge of Adobe editing software.

– Excellent organizational skills.

– Exceptional written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills.

– Computer skills including adobe suite, and presentation software.

– Align with TILT’s Community Agreement

Scope of Work:

The instructor is responsible for writing the course including learning objectives and lectures. Tilt can provide assistance with resources for course creation. 

Instructors will:

To Apply:

Please send a resume and/or CV, cover letter, and three references to Danielle Morris (dmorris@tiltinstitute.org) to be considered.