TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image


Mounting photographs to a rigid backing is a tried and true way to display fine art prints. We offer a variety of surfaces and can provide a secure cleat system to the back of unframed mounted prints. 

Keith Yahrling mounts a print
Mounting Materials
A corner piece of dibond is displayed on top of a table


Comprised of two very thin aluminum sheets with a solid polyethylene core. It is extremely smooth, rigid, and lightweight, which makes it perfect for large fine art prints. It is available in a 3mm thickness.

three pieces of white sintra are stacked on top of one another, corners staggered and facing the viewer


Sintra is a higher density PVC board compared to Gatorboard and Foamcore. It is lightweight, archival, and available in white or black. Available in thickness of 3mm and 6mm.

2 pieces of museum baord are stacked on top of one another. The corners are staggered and face the viewer.

Museum Board

A traditional option for framing and finishing. It is made of 100% cotton, is archival, and is available in 2, 4, and 8 ply thicknesses and in a variety of colors.

3 pieces of gatorboard are stacked on top of one another. 2 white pieces sandwich a black piece in the middle.


Polystyrene foam that is bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer. It is non-archival but more rigid and durable than Foamcore. It is available in a thickness of 3/16” and 1/2″ and is available in black or white

Overlaminant UV Film

UV film lamination protects work that is not framed behind glass from the elements. A clear, thin, archival film is applied to the surface of your print and is offered in a matte, luster, or gloss finish.