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Special Topics: Cinema of Soft Revolt

Filmmaking and photography have become the most democratized of all visual arts media. Cameras, editing, and distribution tools have been made increasingly accessible since the mid-20th Century and, in so doing, the potential for cinema to serve as a mode of anti-colonial revolt has been considered by scholars and media practitioners around the world. Navigating censorship, war, and uneven financial support structures, filmmakers across the Global South developed quiet cinematic expressions of resistance to colonial domination. Who were these filmmakers and how did they express themselves in a way that actively served an oppressed audience? How did these artists utilize culturally specific symbols and parables to undermine colonial authorities? Examining modes of cinematic resistance in films as disparate as Gojira (Godzilla, ゴジラ,1954) and Caramel (2007), this course will offer students the opportunity to study the theory and practice of soft cinematic revolt.

May 1 – June 5, 2022
$180 to $420
Instructor: Smita Sen

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