TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image


TILT is committed to providing a quality education experience that fosters growth in photographers of every level. Become part of our community of dedicated artists through photography classes in Philadelphia and also online.
Our curriculum has been carefully crafted by MFA educators and self taught professionals that echo our organization’s core values and community agreement.  
Our goal is to remain accessible and equitable to all. Each of the courses include two different prices: discount and standard. The tiers allow our students to self-identify the price point that fits their budget. The scale is intended to invite each member of our community to take stock of their financial resources and levels of privilege and move through the tiers accordingly. Payment plans are also available.
If you have any questions, please contact our Education Manager Danielle Morris dmorris@tiltinstitute.org.

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Course List

ClassScheduleInstructorShort Description
Photo III: ConceptualizationThursdays
6:30 – 9pm
Apr. 20 – May 18
David CadeBuild upon your knowledge of contemporary photography and further develop your practice through reading, lecture, and group critique.
Photo I: Visual Literacy & Camera Basics (In Person)Tuesdays
6:30 – 9pm
Jan. 24 – Feb. 21
Eric MontgomeryGain knowledge of the digital camera and learn digital photography basics
Photoshop I : Intro To Post ProductionThursdays
6:30 – 9pm
Feb. 16 – Mar. 16
TBDLearn basic color correction techniques in Adobe Camera Raw, and become more familiar with the different editing functions
Taking a Better Photo : Basics of Framing, Lighting, & StagingSaturdays
Mar. 4 – Apr. 1
TBDLearn the basics of composition, available lighting and staging
Writing For Visual Artists: Artist Statements, Bios, & ProposalsWednesdays
Mar. 15 – Apr. 12
Andrea WallsDevelop and workshop your artist statement, bio, and proposals.

Individual Tutorials

Portfolio Reviews

Certificate Program

Photo III: Conceptualization

In Person

Thursdays| 6:30pm-9pm| Apr. 20 – May. 18

Students with a fundamental understanding of using their cameras will build upon their knowledge of contemporary photographers and further develop their practice. You will be provided with weekly readings and assignments that will fortify the information presented in lectures, encourage deep thinking, and give insight to diverse world views and experiences. Classes will be lecture and discussion focused, with group critiques that will generate individual growth and understanding, and will prepare you to develop your own projects/bodies of work.

Writing For Visual Artists: Artist Statements, Bios, & Proposals


In Writing for Visual Artists, you will develop and workshop your own artists statements, bios, and proposals. This course will focus on improving clarity, organization, and appeal. You will read, analyze and edit examples, and discuss them as a class; and engage in peer review and group feedback. This course is designed to help prepare you for residency, grant, and competition applications.

Taking a Better Photo : Basics of Framing, Lighting, & Staging

Registration Closed

Saturdays| 11am-1:30pm| Mar. 4-Apr. 1

In Taking a Better Photo, students will learn the basics of framing, available lighting and staging. This course focuses on the skill side of photography, and welcomes cellphone, dslr, digital, and film photographers. Students will brush up on basic photographic techniques, and become better equipped to assess photo conditions; complete assignments and engage in group critiques; and participate in photo exercises. This course is specially designed for beginner – intermediate photographers and will help each individual student progress towards their desired photographic style.

Photo I: Visual Literacy & Camera Basics

Registration Closed

Tuesdays | 6:30 – 9pm| Jan. 24-Feb. 21

In Photo I: Visual Literacy and Camera Basics students will gain knowledge of the digital camera and lenses, learn digital photography basics such as: how to use manual camera controls, manage a digital workflow, and basic color corrections. Students will also be introduced to different photographic genres, build upon their photographic vocabulary, and engage in reading and short writing assignments to further develop their knowledge and skill set.

Photoshop I : Intro To Post Production

Registration Closed

Thursdays| 6:30 – 9pm| Feb. 16-Mar. 16

In Photoshop 1 : Intro to post production students will learn basic color correction techniques in Adobe Camera Raw, and become more familiar with the different editing functions. Students will also learn basic post production techniques in Photoshop, including dodging and burning, clone stamping, and masking. Students will have access to software in class and will use a mix of pre-selected practice images, and self-supplied images during the course of the class. You will also receive supplemental resources and videos to aid in building your technical skills.


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TILT’s Certificate Program

Our Contemporary Practices Photography Certificate is a comprehensive program that provides students with a holistic understanding of photographic art practice. Students become adept in lighting, post-production, printing, presentation strategies, history, and criticism. There are options to focus on specific areas including documentary, portraiture, fashion, and much more. With close mentorship from working professionals and support from the TILT faculty, students achieve an opportunity to experiment and challenge themselves through photography.