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Kat Springer: Thank You To Nature

Certificate Capstone Exhibition

February 3 – March 5, 2022
Project Space

Kat Springer created Thank You To Nature during the Covid-19 pandemic. Confined to her home, Kat discovered the intricacies of plants, finding their geometry soothing. As the pandemic progressed and it was considered safe to be outside, Kat took hikes and trips searching for scenic beauty in grand landscapes, reflections of water, grains of sand and even drying mud – discovering that nature could calm her distressed soul.

Kat Springer’s first memory of photography was visiting the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National park, which has always stuck with her as she traveled with her family and took snapshots in places they visited. She didn’t think much more about photography until she inherited multiple cameras from her father in 2018. The cameras dating from the Vietnam War to the newest Sony camera on the market. She decided it was time to take advantage of this gift and improve her skills and explore her creativity. She enjoys taking landscape photos and discovering the light and shapes and natural geometry of nature. 

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