TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

Class Offerings

Foundation (2)*
Photography I: The Essentials
Photography II: Training Your Eye
Photography III: Finding Your Vision
The Photo Project

Lighting (2)*
Mastering Light
Strobe Lighting Techniques
On-Location Lighting Techniques
Studio Portrait Lighting
Guerrilla Lighting Techniques
Navigating Multiple Light Sources

Software (2)*
The Digital Photographer’s Darkroom: Lightroom and Photoshop
Lightroom: Develop and Print
Lightroom: All Modules
Photoshop for Photographers I
Photoshop for Photographers II
Photo Illustration: Photoshop Compositing
Introduction to Nik Software
Advanced Black and White Photography

Printing (1)*
Fine Art Inkjet Printing
Non-Traditional Materials for Inkjet Printing

Business /Career Development (1)*
The Business of Photography
Building Your Online Presence
Crafting the Artist Statement
Applying for Grants

History and Criticism (1)*
Learning the Language of Photography
History of Photography – 19th – 20th century
History of Photography – 21st century
Deconstructing Roland Barthes
Deconstructing Narrative: Still and Moving Images

Genre (2)*
The Photographic Journey: Travel Photography
The Decisive Moment: Street Photography
Capturing the Story: Documentary Photography
Fashion Photography
Face Value: The Photographic Portrait
Exploring the Night: Low Light Photography
Pictures From Home: Family Photography
The Poetics of Photography
My Philadelphia: Documentary Photo Project
Film to Digital Photography
On the Road
Photographic Collage
Cityscapes at Night
Photographing the Land
Philadelphia During Golden Hour
The Loss of Certainty: Reclaiming Play and Chance in Photography

Presentation/Book Making (1)*
The Photobook: On-Demand Publishing
The Photobook: Handmade Bookmaking
Presentation/Exhibition Strategies

* Number indicates the minimum amount of courses required in that category.

Possible Schedule

The following schedule is an example to provide an understanding of how you could schedule your classes to complete the program.

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