TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image


Youth education is a cornerstone of TILT’s mission.

TILT’s youth programs help students gain visual literacy and creativity skills that go beyond the classroom and arts lab. By giving our youth the tools to create, we make it possible for them to have control over how they want to be represented and seen. We provide them with important technological skills that lead to new careers. Their voices become stronger and more visible. As our digital world increasingly relies on images just as much as words, your support is needed to make sure our free after school and in school programs continue.

Donors like you help us put cameras in the hands of our youth. And in turn, they put their stories and unique perspectives into our communities. 

Together, we can help students build strong relationships with themselves, teach them to be effective communicators and emotionally literate adults, and give them the gift of creativity.

And as a bonus side effect? We see students take the next steps in their higher education and/or professional practices.