TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

JOB TITLE: Lead Teaching Artist (Photography)

HOURLY CONTRACT: 3-6 hours per week (Class meetings dependent on School Calendar)

REPORTS TO:  Youth Education Coordinator

Duration: 8 weeks 

SALARY: $40/hr-$75/hr

BENEFITS: 1 Year Free Membership at TILT


Tilt Institute for the Contemporary Image is accepting applications for a Teaching Assistant for our Photo in Schools Program. Photo in Schools is a free, grant funded program that offers photography classes to students in grades 5-8. The curriculum focuses on visual literacy and articulation; color, shape, and pattern study; and identity and representation.

Through the program students will acquire the tools to navigate, produce, and understand a wide array of imagery.

It is expected that the curriculum is aligned with TILT’s values and contains contemporary artworks, subjects, themes, and artists that are representative of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Our goal is to “decolonize the lens” by being intentional about whose stories we tell and the work we show. Expanding representation and introducing different experiences and practices will help inform the next generation of artists as they continue to move the discipline forward.



– A minimum of 2 years of experience as a professional photographer.

– Working knowledge of DSLR cameras (Nikon, Canon, etc).

– Working knowledge of Adobe editing software.

– Excellent organizational skills.

– Exceptional written and verbal/non-verbal communication skills.

– Strong desire to teach and inspire youth 

– State and Federal Criminal Background Clearances.*

– Align with TILT’s Community Agreement


*TILT will reimburse you for the cost of the background checks.

Applicants MUST submit to all background / criminal history checks. 




– Work with the program coordinator and classroom teacher to develop a syllabus and lesson. plans that are in line with the program’s curriculum.

– Communicate with and delegate responsibilities to the TA.

– Lead lessons, demonstrations and activities.

– Foster creativity and confidence in students as young artists.

– Build students’ understanding of imagery, and artistic vocabulary

– ie. color, subject, mood, framing, etc

– Organize cameras, photos, and equipment.

– Give students the tools to think deeply about the art they encounter and create.

– Advise and mentor students through constructive feedback and goal setting.


TILT, Institute for the Contemporary Image (formerly known as Philadelphia Photo Arts Center) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. At TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image, we believe our mission is to build and support a just and equitable community of dedicated contemporary visual creatives centered on the importance of image making as an ever-evolving art form. TILT does so by providing educational programming, residencies, events, exhibitions, and public programs that celebrate our collaborators and community.  


TILT Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified persons are encouraged to apply regardless of their religious affiliation, national origin, marital status, race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or nature of disability.


To Apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and two references to dmorris@tiltinstitute.org, with the subject line “Photo In Schools Lead Instructor”.