TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

Bring Photo in Schools to your school!

Photo in Schools is offered free to schools within the Philadelphia School District. For schools not located in the district, TILT is excited to begin offering its signature youth education program at a competitive rate. Led by local experts in the field of arts education and working artists, Photo in Schools is tailored to each class’s individual needs and builds upon lessons school administrators. TILT instructors are highly qualified teaching artists in addition to working artists. Contact TILT’s Education Director, Danielle Morris, at dmorris@tiltinstitute.org to learn more!

Program benefits include:

  • Visual literacy
  • Critical thinking
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Importance of representation
  • Self-confidence

Read on to learn more about what Photo in Schools can offer your students!

Redefining Comprehension and Communication

Our program provides young folks with an outlet and the tools to express the emotions and concepts that come with simply existing.

Art + Literacy Synergy

An arts education affords students the opportunity to translate a creative thought into a finished product. Photo in Schools includes language arts related prompts and activities to expand the relationship between the visual and the written. Students consider image-based narratives – and learn how to communicate their perspectives and emotions into both the written and visual form.

Constructive Communication

TILT’s instructors lead students through in-class discussions about their work. Through this process, students learn the basics of how to give constructive feedback to their peers — and how to receive and use constructive feedback given to them. As a side effect, students articulate their opinions creatively through their work and thoughtfully through their discussions. End result? More confident youth.