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Oh, Snap! fea. Dorcas Tang

Los Paisanos: Living narratives of the Chinese community in Costa Rica (1855 – present)

September 18, 2021
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Los Paisanos presents living narratives of the Chinese community (1855 – present) in Puntarenas, Costa Rica through state archives, family photo albums, and portraits. How do these disparate ways of seeing inform one another and transform over time? What is the relationship between imperialism, indentured labor, and photography? How do we form an understanding of a diasporic community through images?

This audiovisual project highlights the intersections of Chinese and Latinx identity while seeking to question and redefine our definitions of both. 

Dorcas Tang 邓佳颖 is a third-generation Chinese-Malaysian photographer currently working on unceded Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia). Her projects have included Señorita China, examining a historical beauty pageant in Costa Rica and Love Me Long Time, exploring desire, intimacy, and Asian identity. Ultimately, she seeks to encourage critical dialogue through creating socially engaged visual narratives.

Oh, Snap! is a trans-inclusive space that welcomes all women and gender-nonconforming people. Photography provides a starting point, but the conversations sparked by Oh, Snap! are interdisciplinary and deep. No experience with photography is required; all participants need is an interest in the medium and a willingness to connect with other women/trans/nonbinary people who are passionate about the arts. Please contact coordinator Lori Waselchuk with any questions at lori@philaphotoarts.org.

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