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January 24, 2022

We encourage our friends and supporters to take ownership of their financial privilege, if they have one, and identify the ways in which they can support those around them by purchasing a higher cost of services to create an inclusive environment at TILT. The discomfort in the self-discovery process is at the heart of economic justice. 

The tiers below are based on assets rather than total income. It allows TILT to take into account debt or other obligations that prevent people from using our services and meet people where they are in their financial histories. The system encourages people with higher incomes and less debt to pay more as a way of acknowledging and addressing how their privileges have resulted in quicker paths to financial stability.

The scale is intended to be a suggested map, inviting each member of our community to take stock of their financial resources and levels of privilege and move through the tiers accordingly. As with life in general, we are always in flux. If your financial position changes, we encourage you to evaluate your privilege or lack thereof. 

You can also try our handy tool here to help you choose a membership level. 


Discounted Rate – consider this level if you 


Base Rate – consider this level if you can…. 


Sustainer Rate (help support our Discounted Rate)  – consider this level if you…meet the criteria for the Base Rate AND