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Women’s Mobile Museum @ Corcoran School of the Arts & Design

September 13, 2021 – March 11, 2022
500 17th Street, NW Washington, D.C.

“Whose makes the art shown in museums and galleries?” and “Who are those spaces for?” “Who is an artist?” These are the central questions behind the work of the Women’s Mobile Museum (WMM) and which drove TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image’s year-long collaboration with artists afaq, Shasta Bady, Davelle Barnes, Tash Billington, Iris Maldonado, Danielle Morris, Shana-Adina Roberts, Carrie Anne Shimborski, Muffy Ashley Torres, and Andrea Walls and South African artists Zanele Muholi and Lindeka Qampi. Collectively, the work of the Women’s Mobile Museum interrogates access to the arts, and challenges who is educated by and represented in arts institutions. Compelling imagery asks us to question the gaze, housing, urban social infrastructure, memory, racism, and even what it means to make a photographic portrait.

TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image is proud to partner with the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design to exhibit the Women’s Mobile Museum in Washington D.C. The conversations between WMM artists and the Corcoran students and faculty began in 2020, when WMM artists presented their work in online programming across academic disciplines. You will find links to recordings of the 2020 programs here.

The Women’s Mobile Museum is a vehicle in the metaphorical sense. It is both a manifesto and a delivery system for reclaiming the space and function of presenting art. It aims to challenge the current hierarchies of the art world and, more broadly, of the intellectual world. The artists of the Women’s Mobile Museum envision a decolonized art museum that welcomes all people. Who is art for? You, and Us too.

Read the work of the artists, interviews with artists, designers and curators in this edition of the Women’s Mobile Museum Magazine.

Women’s Mobile Museum Magazine (2019) online

Women’s Mobile Museum Magazine (2019) (download PDF)

Major support for the Women’s Mobile Museum traveling exhibition has been provided by the William Penn Foundation.

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