TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image
Past Exhibitions

Urban Light: photographs by Stanley Muravchick

May 25 – August 27, 2017
Open Lens Gallery at The Gershman Y

Artist Statement

My intent as an artist is to create photographic images that capture the unique visual complexity of human activity in the midst of the interaction between ambient light and the structures of a dense man-made environment. In an urban setting, the perceived qualities of daylight are altered in infinitely varied ways. I see light reflected by stone, steel, and mirrored surfaces, refracted by glass, plastic, and sharp edges, and diffused and scattered by airborne moisture and particulates. People go about their daily routine on the city streets where deep shadow abuts harsh brilliance. Colors may be bright or muted, contrast subtle or startling, patterns and textures may be regular or random. The seasonal variability of the strength, angle, and color temperature of sunlight also produces an overlay to the captured image that is predictable in presence yet often surprising in effect. Translating the unique visual richness of these aspects of urban life into the two-dimensional plane of the printed image is my challenge and my passion. – Stanley Muravchick

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