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AIR Program Exhibition

William Camargo, Giancarlo Montes Santangelo, and Tiffany Smith

May 12 – June 4, 2022
Main Gallery

In partnership with The Photographer’s Green Book, this year TILT presents an exhibition featuring artists-in-residence: William Camargo, Giancarlo Montes Santangelo, and Tiffany Smith. Each of the artists’ works reflects the diversity and expansive explorations of contemporary image-making.

Giancarlo Montes Santango uses collaging and photography to describe how histories live in the body. His practice maps histories of colonialism, violence, queerness, and magic culled from archives made in Argentina and Puerto Rico during the turn of the 20th century. His work weaves archival photographs with his own body using staged scenes in order to coerce and tease out the poetics of a queer body politic.

Tiffany Smith is an interdisciplinary artist from the Caribbean diaspora working in photography, video, installation, and design. Her photographic self-portrait series For Tropical Girls Who Have Considered Ethnogenesis When the Native Sun is Remote reacts to a blended cultural history of the Caribbean by focusing on how identity is constructed. Smith masquerades in costumes and throughout sets crafted to mine and reference cultural signifiers of the Caribbean within personal and collective memory. Her work complicates and produces microcosmic explorations of cultural identity in multinational America. 

William Camargo is a photo-based artist, community archivist, art advocate, and educator born and raised in Anaheim, California. Reflecting on the city’s violent history of gentrification, displacement, and erasure of Chicanx and Latinx histories, Camargo’s work combines photography, installation, community archiving, and public political performance to unearth and reveal Brown histories. In depicting the legacies of untold stories, his work creates collective meaning and further validates the accounts of Chicanx and Latinx communities as sites of knowledge.

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