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Thursday Night Photo Talk with Jay Simple

August 6, 2020

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Thursday Night Photo Talk with Jay Simple

August 6, 7PM EST
FREE – Donations are kindly accepted

Photo Credit: Jay Simple

Who Trod Through Great Tribulation* | A Discussion with Jay Simple

Understanding and dissecting racism, white supremacy, and colonialism from within a culture of denial and ignorance is always a story of many tragedies. The first one upon the people, who live their lives pressed to the margins of society to the point that just breathing necessitates a violent struggle against the aforementioned systems. Through an exploration of historical archives, contemporary events, and photographic musings, Jay Simple traces the undercurrents that betray systems that seek to create normalcy from the suffering of others. To return humanity to the images and narratives of those whom have been othered and outcast necessitates a look at the lies, absurdities, and contradictions within the ideology of the oppressor.

*Exodus by Bob Marley & The Wailers


Jay Simple is a visual artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Pamplin, VA. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography at Longwood University and founder of The Photographers Green Book, a resource for inclusion, equity, and diversity within the photographic medium. Working through photography, video, sculpture, performance and large-scale installations, Simple examines historical and contemporary effects of colonialism and white supremacy within the context of the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Columbia College Chicago, a Master of Liberal Art from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design.

He has had recent solo exhibitions at Hampden Sydney College(2019) and Longwood University(2019), and group exhibitions at Franklin Street Works(2020), Longwood Center for Visual Arts(2020),  Jamestown Art Center(2018), and Clampart(2018).

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