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Thursday Night Photo Talk: Gregory Eddi Jones

May 28, 2020

Flowers for donald #21 (talent show [in 3-d])

May 28, 7PM EST
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FREE – Donations are kindly accepted

Flowers for donald: Collage in an Era of Madness

Gregory Eddi Jones will share images from his series of digital collage work, Flowers for donald, a project born in the days following the 2016 Presidential election. In this artist talk, Jones will guide audiences through the inspirations for this project, discuss the legacy of collage as a response to turbulent political moments, and consider just what good a picture can do amid real-life calamity. 

Jones’ photographic work interrogates politics of common cultural images through strategies of appropriation and re-authorship. Much of his practice is defined by visual criticism, dark humor, cultural commentary, and updating photographic traditions for the current day. 


Gregory Eddi Jones is an American artist, writer, and publisher who lives and works in Philadelphia. He holds a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology (2010) and an MFA from Visual Studies Workshop (2016)

In 2018, he was named as a Foam Talent for his series of digital collage work, Flowers for donald, and has exhibited his work internationally and throughout the United States. His self-published books are held in numerous institutional photobook collections including libraries at Museum of Modern Art, The Met, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the George Eastman Museum, among others. 

Jones is also the Founding Editor of In the In-Between: Journal of New and New Media Photography. As a writer, he has contributed criticism to Foam Magazine, Unseen Magazine, LensCulture, and Paper Journal, among others. 

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