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Teenage Fever

Teen Photo 2017-18

May 23 – June 9, 2018

This year, Teen Photo continues on its 8th year with over 60 Philadelphia high school students taking part in the free after-school program. The students’ eight months of mentorship will culminate with a final exhibition: Teenage Fever, which will be displayed from May 23 – June 9, 2018.

With the goal of increasing access to the arts and art education in Philadelphia, PPAC’s free Teen Photo program is open to any public high school student in the city. From September to May, Teen Photo provides students with full access to PPAC’s equipment, materials, and teaching staff, as well as a DSLR camera to take home for the duration of the program. The group meets weekly to share photos, learn technical skills, and go on art museum visits and photo walks. As students expand their thinking both critically and creatively, they build confidence and develop a love of learning that helps them grow in every aspect of their lives.

With more Teen Photo students enrolled than ever before, last year marked the inauguration of Advanced Teen Photo, which was developed to serve the teens that have been a part of the program for more than one year. To accompany the gallery exhibitions and commemorate the 2017 – 2018 Teen Photo program, the students’ work will be published in photo postcard books available for purchase. Each section of Teen Photo will have its own book.

This year’s exhibition, Teenage Fever, includes: Nathalie Adrien, Symir Austin, Willem Baumann, David Christopher Castellanos Benito, Lizbeth Castellanos Benito, Marquis Bennett, Preston Bennington, Kristián Casañas, Abraham Cassis, Josue Castillo, Chris Daniel, Masada Devine, Alexa Duca, Shermar Khalil Ennels, Payton Fulton, Rebecca Greenberg, Dymonique Hammond, Ian Holbrook, Nasirah Huff, Leila Ibrahim, Justin Jacobs, NaBrayah Jones, Dave Joseph, Mercy Joseph, Yoselin Kearney, Siaka Lemailloux, Asycurie Lombestova, Omar Longoria, Avery Martinez, Jada Mcaden, Kate McDowell, Wes Midgett, Spencer Morris, Sahar Newman, Joseph Novales, Yiovanny Pagan, Andre Pak, Saphira Paul-Fils, Pichmonyrath Peou, Cindy Pham, Gillian Plizak, Yusheng Ren, Angelle Rivera, Erika Rivera, Andora Robinson, Makeda Robinson, Maya Alexandra Robinson, Talayah Ross, Jordyn Sanders, Kevin Sierra, Amanda Smith, Ivy Smith, Tamera Stanley, Tateanna Stephens, Kai Bradley Gutierrez de Teran, Tracy Tsui, Imani Turner-Wells, Martha Victoria, Huong Vu, Zyon Wade, Akirah Harris Watson, Kayla Watson, Syreeta Williams, Ameon Wright, and Sijia Zheng.

Students were instructed by Erik James Montgomery, Michelle Wallace, Sylvester Cooper (Teen Photo 2011-2012), Richelle Kota (Teen Photo 2013-2014), and Amber Rivera (Teen Photo 2011-2012 & 2012-2013).

Support for Teen Photo 2017–18 is provided by

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