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Photo courtesy of Jada-Amina
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Sound Performance: Jada-Amina Harvey – In Response To What Pulls Me Asunder

October 12, 2023
7 - 8pm
TILT Institute Main Gallery
Free To The Public

Jada-Amina is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and curator hailing from the South Side of Chicago. Invoking the spirit of Black sonic and devotional traditions, they hum and hymn through the post-apocalyptic world. Through sound, video, and collage, Jada-Amina delves into the fragmented essence of memory, where analog and cultural data transcend immateriality, forming conduits to other worlds. Their work evokes the speculative and surreal to navigate the liminal spaces of Black existence. Confronting the haunting echoes of the past, gospel serves as a beacon, promising a world beyond the postcolonial landscape. RSVP below!

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