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Image from Pap Souleye
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Performance By Pap Souleye Fall

December 14, 2023
7 - 8pm
TILT Institute Main Gallery
Free & Open To The Public

Pap Souleye Fall is a Senegalese-American artist who explores the transmedia potentials of sculpture, installation, performance, cosplay, digital media, and comics. Much of his work reflects his upbringing within the Black diaspora. Being Senegalese and American, Fall realized art afforded him the ability to construct multiple worlds to define his cultural background. This revelation sparked his fascination with the ways art could be embedded in everyday life, activating common materials and encounters to explore themes such as diaspora, post-apocalypse, utopia, identity, notions of masculinity, Africanisms, and Afro-futurism.

Fall’s performance at TILT is derived from two critical tenets of his practice, dead pixels and Beutou Toubab. Dead pixels refers to the single black dot that appears on a computer screen to indicate a malfunction. Beutou is slang for a device used by masons as a level. Toubab means foreign eye, however it is often used to describe people who present as white or of European descent. Together, this Senegalese phrase references Fall’s use of humor to level the invasive eye of whiteness. His performance is in conjunction with the exhibition, Where The Young Bols Rumble, which is currently on view at TILT until December 16, 2023. Access the zoom link here.

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