TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

Oh, Snap! fea. Cai Quirk

Myths Of Gender

April 16, 2022
10:30 AM – 12 PM EST

Gender in a binary is a myth, but it is a myth that most of us are trained to believe from birth. If not the gender binary, then what? So many stories center people who are male or female, nothing else. Can we expand our understandings of gender at work in our lives?

In this workshop, we will explore notions of gender, particularly identities beyond the binary, through the lens of storytelling. Included will be myths read aloud and photographs from Cai Quirk’s upcoming book Transcendence. We will take time to reflect and play with our understandings of gender together. Come as you are, whether you are a gender nerd like me or new to these topics. If you are interested in thinking about gender, or intrigued by myths about communities where gender exists differently, please come! There is something here for you.

Cai Quirk is a trans and genderqueer photographer who focuses on the intersection of gender diversity throughout history, its erasure, and contemporary reclamation and restoryation. Their self-portrait series and upcoming book, Transcendence, engages specifically with connections between gender, mythology, and nature-based spirituality. Recent talks include ‘Myths of Gender,’ ‘The Power of Restoryation,’ and ‘Gender Diversity and Spirituality,’ given in conferences across Northeast America. They received bachelor’s degrees in music and photography from Indiana University.

Oh, Snap! is a monthly lecture and workshop series that provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which to learn about photography and artistic practice. Oh, Snap! is a trans-inclusive space that welcomes all women and gender-nonconforming people.

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