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March 1 – May 15, 2010

Curated by Sarah Stolfa and Christopher Gianunzio

The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is excited to announce the exhibition and opening reception for .matrix. In printmaking, prints are created from a single original surface, technically known as a matrix. In this exhibition, the idea of the matrix or “mold” is used as a metaphor for both infinitely reproducible and sacred images. The participating artists share an inherent interest in pushing the limits of the printed image and how it is created, used and disseminated.


Richard Benson, Don Camp and Matthew Brandt have each developed unique printing processes to create prints that reflect both the depth and timelessness of their subject matter while emphasizing the photograph’s material.

David Benjamin Sherry, GDLoft, and Bryan Graf will each create site-specific installations that play with cultural obsessions of fantasy, beauty, youth culture, the spectacle, the Internet, surveillance, and paranoia.

KesselsKramer and Khahn Le re-contextualize images ranging from personal snap shots to magazine pictures to iconic photographs that have been imbedded in our memories, melding the personal and collective experience.

Susan Lipper and Ann Woo both work by grouping non-associated subject matter to create contexts that would otherwise be impossible, letting our mind wonder through daydreams, terrors and the unexplainable.

.matrix also showcases a wide range of printing techniques including photographic casein monoprints, salted paper & carbon prints, polymer photogravure etching prints, gelatin silver prints, chromogenic color photographs and inkjet prints.

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