TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

Exhibition Walkthrough: Screen Blues

June 24, 2023
Main Gallery
Free To The Public

Visual artist Liliana Farber will dive deeper into the concepts she explores through her exhibition Screen Blues, which is currently on view at TILT. Farber’s work derives from digital images of the ocean generated by Google Earth, a geographical information systems (GIS) platform that renders 3D representations based on pictures taken by satellites. Farber recontextualizes the images using several processes, such as open-source software, to expose the malleability of computational photography and complicate the relationship between fictional and real spaces, optical illusions, and data collections, calling into question our trust in GIS and the images they produce. Join Farber and James Britt, Curator of Exhibitions & Programs, for an interactive exchange with the audience. RSVP below!




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