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Every One Of Us

April 1 – December 31, 2020

Photography is a vital record. As COVID-19 isolates the world, photography has helped to unite us through shared experience, even across great distances. To capture this unprecedented time, we launched Every One Of Us — a collective vision of life during the global pandemic, presented one day, place, and perspective at a time.

When we launched in April, our goal was simple: to honor the experiences of all participants, and help us remain connected until the time we can safely share space again. We have shared more than 125 images and receive new submissions every week.

COVID-19 continues to affect us all, with numbers rising around the world. But our shared experience is not shared equally: the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated deep disparities along racial and socioeconomic lines. And in this painful time, systemic racism continues to affect Black communities.With the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and many more, protests condemning racism and police violence have flooded the streets of cities and towns. In 2020, so many social justice issues have risen to our collective consciousness that this is like no other time in this country’s history.

We are alive at a watershed time – and each person can provide a vital record of their own experience. As we recognize our differences, we honor the power of the collective. We encourage all persons to participate by showing what Every One Of Us means to them.

How To Contribute

To participate in this virtual exhibition, follow the directions below. Submissions will be featured through our Instagram account, @everyoneofus2020.

  • Email  everyoneofus@philaphotoarts.org with your submission. 
  • Your image should be a JPEG, maximum size 8 MB. 
    • NOTE: Only one image per artist will be chosen. 
  • Include in the body of the email:
    • Name
    • A title
    • Date and location at which your photograph was taken
    • Your Instagram handle, and/or your website if you have one
    • Optional: short text caption to accompany your piece. Text may be edited to meet character limits.


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