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photo by Gabriel Angemi
Past Exhibitions

99 Days

December 6, 2012

The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is pleased to announce 99 Days, a group exhibition featuring the work of Stefan Abrams, Gabriel Angemi, Andrew Fillmore, Thilde Jensen, Jay Muhlin and Brian Ulrich.

The six participating artists were invited to present new work created between August 1st and the Presidential election, November 6, 2012. 99 Days is comprised largely of images of people and their relationships to social space, the urban environment, solitude, the campaign trail and commercial culture during these politically heightened times.

This exhibition highlights the diverse ways in which images are captured including everything from i Phones to 8×10 view cameras. Each of the participating artists also embraces diving into the world, and more specifically the street, in order to make sense of the current social landscape.

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