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In Conversation: Sheldon Omar-Abba, KAANG, & Stink

March 18, 2023
TILT Institute Main Gallery
Free To The Public

In his ongoing series, The Philadelphia Car Show and Portraits on the Plat, artist Sheldon Omar-Abba explores the bonds formed around Philadelphia’s classic car scene and the importance of public space as hubs of relationship building and shared histories. The artist will be in conversation with KAANG and Stink, members of Philadelphia’s car community, to discuss the importance and impact of classic car culture on the City and their lives. In addition to the discussion, Stink will bring one of his classic cars that is currently featured in the exhibition for the public to view. During the program, audience members are encouraged to share their stories and memories of their cars and how social gatherings, such as the Plat, serve as an anchor for collective engagement.

Sheldon Omar-Abba

Sheldon’s work straddles the line between practicing artist and creative facilitator. His projects focus on documentation and collective storytelling, often blending collaborations between artists, institutions, and communities.

KAANG (Wayne Lemon)

KAANG is a Philadelphia born Groovologist who is known for bringing sounds and ideas to music, canvas, walls, and cars. He is an oldskool car builder by trade. In addition to his other creative pursuits, KAANG is an illustrator and entrepreneur. His illustrations are featured monthly in the publication Revive Local and his brand Pink Panda can be found at Es Cafe.


Stink is a Philadelphia native with a stable of clean oldskool cars. He serves as the classic car mayor of the City and enjoys providing support to his community.

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