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Tutorials + Reviews

Interested in taking one of our classes, but can’t make the scheduled time? Need help building your professional portfolio? We can help!

At TILT Institue, we understand that group classes don’t work for everybody and their needs. That’s why we offer individual and small group tutorials learning opportunities that can be completely crafted by the student and portfolio reviews a unique opportunity to receive thoughtful feedback on an established or in-the-works project.

We can also customize a workshop and consultation off-site for your needs, whether you are a commercial client, school or not-for-profit organization. For multiple person sign-ups, each additional person receives a 50% discount off hourly rates, up to 5 people. For more information, please contact Sarah Stolfa.


During the Covid-19 when we were all staying home, I decided to sign up for an online class with Philadelphia Photo Arts with Sarah [Stolfa] as the instructor. Years ago I had taken classes with her and I was excited at the offering of doing a project as an assignment. The class ended after a few sessions but I still was working on my project so I decided to do one-on-one Zoom classes with her. Sarah is amazing with her ability to dissect a photograph. I was usually shooting for black and white, but she talked me into doing color. She opened my eyes to being aware of the colors in the frame, what I should focus on in the frame and the importance of color if used for the photo. I will go back to my project in the fall and will certainly have Sarah as my coach. She is a wonderful, patient and talented woman.

Margie Greenberg