TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

Teen Photo

Teen Photo is a free after school program for Philadelphia Public School students to create, edit, and print images that reflect their voice. Students learn technical skills, theory, and other elements in contemporary photography. Students engage in group discussions about their work and utilize constructive feedback to strengthen their artistic voices. Ultimately, students work toward personal projects where they participate in a capstone exhibition and create a photo book.

Visual Literacy

TILT believes that through visual literacy and arts education,  young people can discover diverse points of view, learn how imagery has shaped the world, and how they can impact the world with image making. Students learn to both identify and describe elements and themes in contemporary photography/imagery.

Technical Skill Building

Students receive a DSLR camera to use throughout the program and learn how to manually use the camera. Skills such as framing, lighting, and post-production editing are taught. With access to the artist lab, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are available. Students learn how to conceptualize a body of work, photograph, edit, print, and layout an exhibition.

Empowered Communities

Oftentimes, young individuals feel misrepresented or absent from the media and art they see. Teen Photo empowers students to discover the importance of representation behind the lens. Through discussions with their cohort about their work students gain the ability to articulate themselves through image making. The result? A boost in self-confidence and effective communicators.

Images from Teen Photo students

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