TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

(Online) Writing for Visual Artists : Artists Statements, Bios, and Proposals

August 3, 2022

$375.00 available on subscription from $125.00 every 2 weeks for 6 weeks

Course Description:

In Writing for Visual Artists, you will develop and workshop your own artists statements, bios, and proposals. This course will focus on improving clarity, organization, and appeal. You will read, analyze and edit examples, and discuss them as a class; and engage in peer review and group feedback. This course is designed to help prepare you for residency, grant, and competition applications.

Location: Online

Instructor: TBD

Date & Time:

5-Week Course, 2.5 hours/week

Wednesdays, 6-8:30pm EST

Start Date: Wednesday, March 1st

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