TILT Institute offers high-resolution virtual drum scanning of film up to 4×5 and prints up to 8×10. Scanning prices do not include dust removal or color correction.

Epson V850 Flatbed Scan

Up to 8×10$20

Flextight Virtual Drum Scan


10% discounts on bulk scans

35mm7+ scans
6cm6+ scans
4×54+ scans
Additional Services

File Preparation
Any file preparation such as retouching, dust removal, color matching, or adjustments beyond basic corrections is billed at $75/hour.

If you would like to work one on one with our staff to prepare a file for print the hourly rate is $125/hour.

Artist Proofs
For prints 16×20 and larger, one free 8×10 proof is provided upon request. After a proof is approved, it is stored to ensure the consistency of future orders. Any adjustments made to match the approved proof are free of charge on future orders of the same file.

Expedited Printing
Normal turn-around time is three business days. Larger jobs may require additional time. Same day service is available for a rush fee of $50.

Prints can be shipped and professionally packed for an additional cost using TILT Institute’s FedEx account or a client-supplied account. Shipping tubes and packing supplies are available for an additional fee.