Ascension, Jay Simple (2021-22 Artist in Residence)

Artist in Residence

TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image in partnership with the Photographer’s Green Book (PGB) is accepting applications for its 2023 Artist Residency program.

Applications will be accepted starting July 1, 2022.  The deadline for applications is October 1, 2022, at 11:59 PM EST.

The intentions of the program are to assist talented, self-directed and committed artists in the creation of work by providing necessary financial support, access to high-end facilities and proper technical assistance and education. Our hope is to create an inclusive and transformative experience that enriches the individual artist and the communities they represent.

Accepted artists receive the following:

The length of each individual residency is restricted to a month, but the timing is flexible. Artists should propose a project that fits within the residency term of November 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. The month-long residency should be used to advance your artistic practice in a meaningful way. Artists may submit proposals that include the continuation or completion of work already in process, or the creation of new work. If this work centers scholarly research or advocacy through the arts, applicants may propose collaborative projects that result in open source resources that can be published online and in print through PGB. Accepted artists will be required to work collaboratively with TILT and PGB to design two public program events. These programs are open to interpretation and have no bearing on final selections. Please do not include proposals for these events in your application.

Partnership with The Photographer’s Green Book – This year TILT has partnered with The Photographer’s Green Book and its founder and editor-in-chief Jay Simple on the initiative of ensuring that TILT is an inclusive and accepting space which is a reflection of the diversity and extensive explorations happening within contemporary image-making.

Restrictions – Because the Artist Residency program is intended to support working artists, individuals currently enrolled in a degree-granting program are not eligible to apply. However, you do not need a college degree to apply.

Required Application Materials – All artists must propose a project within the month-long residency term. A letter of intent should clearly address the goals and expected outcomes of the residency, give a specific time frame, along with a preferred month of participation and should outline which lab equipment will be used. A separate artist statement should discuss your most recent work and should clearly outline your process and personal interest in making the work. Application materials will be reviewed by TILT and PGB’s Artist Residency Committee. TILT and PGB are unable to respond to inquiries about the status of a submission, nor is the Artist Residency Committee able to offer feedback or reasoning for rejected submissions. Please submit:

Previous Residents

2021 – 2022

Lindsay Buchman · Maria Dumlao · Naomieh Jovin · Jay Simple

2019 2020

Pete Pin · Patricia Swanson

2018 – 2019
Saleem Ahmed · John Edmonds · Jibade-Khalil Huffman · Amiko Li

Steven Beckly · Paolo Morales · Allison Sexton

2015 – 2016
Andre Bradley · Sebastian Collett

Katrina d’Autremont · Julianna Foster

Chad States · Stefan Abrams