TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image


Your support makes it possible for us to offer free programming access to exhibitions, youth education, and discounted classes and workshops. Support of TILT through membership advances our mission of building and supporting a just and equitable community of dedicated contemporary visual creatives centered on the importance of image making as an ever-evolving art form. Artists and patrons like you, allow us to advance the conversation and create new connections around contemporary image making.

Benefits Include:

In order to be more inline with our Community Agreement we have implemented a pricing model that allows us to offer our benefits and services to more artists. This is but one step in our journey to become more equitable. To find out more about our pricing structure you can follow the links above.

In short, we invite everyone to self-identify their giving capacity and pay what they can afford. The sustainer tier creates a cushion for those with less financial freedom, the standard tier reflects our standard yearly rate, and the discount tier supports those with extenuating fiscal responsibilities.


Group Membership

We also offer group packages! These are great for families, clubs, and collectives. You get all of the regular benefits with some added bonuses.

Groups get: extended order pick up hours, group lab rentals, and early access to class registration.

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