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Considering the Diaspora In Long Term Documentary Projects- Sustainer (Online)

August 5, 2022

$420.00 available on subscription from $140.00 every 2 weeks for 6 weeks

Course Description:

A 4 week critique based course focused on projects that are concerned with addressing ideas of “diaspora”. The term Diaspora, defined as a dispersal of people from their homeland, can encompass the forced or otherwise, moving, departure, and immigration from one country to another. By looking at long term photographic projects, we aim to find the similarities and differences in diaspora stories, as well as the photographic and artistic strategies that aid, work, or fail in creating and finishing these projects.

Location: Online


Sasha Phyars-Burgess






Date & Time:

6-Week Course, 2 hours/week

Mondays, 6-8pm EST

Start Date: Monday, October 17th

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